Ep27 How Client Acquisition Process Mapping Improves Workflow Efficiencies & Creates Leverage

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Client acquisition process mapping is a great way to improve workflow efficiencies. It’s a key route to creating leverage in your business. I absolutely LOVE creating workflows. I do it for my own business and I help my clients do it.

And what I love most about process mapping and creating workflows is that it’s incredibly liberating and very focusing at the same time. Because when you lay out your entire end-to-end customer journey from first encounter to final onboarding, amazing things become possible.

In this episode, we’ll look at three key parts to client acquisition process mapping as well as compare a few of the workflow creation software and workflow automation tools you can use to achieve even more streamlining and efficiencies.

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Resources & links:

 Jay’s book ‘Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age

 Engage-Educate-Enrol pathway 

client acquisition process mapping to improve workflow efficiencies

Example client acquisition process mapping workflow

client acquisition process mapping to improve workflow efficiencies

Workflow automation tools