011 Creating a Profitable Business in Tough Times by Leveraging and Repurposing Your Expertise

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This week’s episode, for New Years’ Day, is a bit different. I’ve carefully (not) edited a very personal and spontaneous webinar I did just before Christmas based around my own reflections on 2020 and what’s led to my success surviving & succeeding through this year and beyond. 

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For many in both the service and retail industries, this pandemic has produced one of the most uncertain and challenging years in history, where many businesses were forced to push through, pivot or perish. Creating a profitable business in tough times seems a timely way to share some of the positive opportunities too and to use this to plan forward. 

The digital space has been ripe and ready for many of us to work remotely with clients and our team, to offer online equivalents of in-person courses, run virtual events, engage digitally and improve our outreach and communications. Gone are the days of relying on face-to-face meetings to network with potential new clients, secure new business or indeed work with clients. And perhaps, this dramatic turn of events has forced a digital transformation that won’t spring back even after we’re free to mingle once again. 

So how will your business shift going into 2021? I hope sharing my own journey to and through 2020  – a historical tale of bravery, visibility and ingenuity – will be interesting, inspiring and hopefully useful to your thoughts and plans for future success and growth.  

What you’ll learn: 



Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age – How to Build and Grow a Successful Service Business in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace 

The Leverage Test – Business Diagnostic Workbook (note: a downloadable digital copy is free with LCITDA) 

The Leveraged Business Accelerator – a digital roadmap programme for small business owners, solo practitioners and service providers to clarify, package and scale their core offer. 

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The webinar this episode originated from was titled: Creating a Profitable and Leveraged Business in Uncertain and Challenging Times. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel.

Or you can read the blog article with embedded slides.

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