Ep49 Map Out Your High Ticket Group Coaching Program FAST! Part 2 – Creating a First-Rate Customer Experience

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Today, we are continuing along our 5-step process to map out your high ticket group program. If you can get the design and delivery nailed right, high ticket group coaching programs are an amazingly effective leveraged strategy.

In part 1, last week, we focused on the design, when planning a transformational journey for your clients. If you want your group program to be successful, you need to build a strong foundation. Just throwing ideas ‘out into the wind’ and hoping for the best will not give you the results you want, and your clients won’t get the results they want either.

In part 2 today, we’re look more at the delivery, and creating a first-rate high end group program customer experience, because if you’re going to charge high-ticket then the whole experience as well as the transformation, the outcomes they get has got to hit the mark.

Through three further steps 3, 4 and 5, you’ll learn how to lean into the high-end elements. I talk you through how to uplevel your program with a killer foundation, the pillars of your program, that is the roadmap for your client’s transformation – your curriculum and expert system.

Through the exercises I provide, you’re going to create the building blocks of the program and map out the steps your clients need to take – and in what particular order – so they can reach their goal and claim victory.

Here’s what we cover: