018 How to Leverage the Success Mindset: Part 1 – The 3Ps for Living in the Success Zone

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In the next two episodes, I’m looking at the business success mindset and how we can build empowering mindset habits into our business planning and daily work to achieve a greater sense of freedom and work-life balance.

If you want insights into how you can get yourself into a pattern of thinking and behaving that works for you not against you in your business and life, then mindset empowerment will be important. Because when you know how to create and leverage the right mindset, it boosts your productivity and enjoyment in growing your business.

So if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, frustrated, low – or all of the above – I hope this episode helps you regain perspective and keep on keeping on in a way that feels liberating and empowering not just ‘another thing to do’.

This episode – part 1 – I’ll take you through my three Ps for getting and staying in the success zone – Philosophy, Personality and Persistence and some golden rules you can apply right away in your day-to-day.

And in part 2, next week for episode 019, we’ll tackle five Rs for how to deal with circumstance & change and develop business resilience.


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