Ep79 Empowering Self-Organisation to Create Fun, Flow & Freedom in Your Business
Part 2 Reduce Stress Working From Home


Listen to Part 1 Decluttering Distractions and then here is the second of three parts focusing on self-organisation.

In this episode, I take you through a whole list of practical ways you can reduce stress working from home, set some boundaries around your personal and work routines, and create a greater sense of control and life balance. Some of these may seem obvious, but are we actually sticking to them or enforcing them?

If we’re able bring some order to what makes us ineffective or anxious, we can start to feel more in control of all the things we juggle, which makes us more confident in our business decisions, and more energised. We feel in control because we acknowledged the breakdowns we were having with our lack of routines. We will feel accomplished because simple changes were easy to make, and we will see immediate results. No more spinning our wheels…simple routines to the rescue.

Optimising your life is about finding the most efficient way to organise yourself so you can actually enjoy life instead of feeling like you’re on the never-ending treadmill to nowhere. With systems, routines, and habits in place you can learn how to have fun again because you have faith in your plans.

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