Ep78 Super Powers for Work From Home Self-Organisation that Create Fun, Flow & Freedom in Your Business

Part 1 Decluttering Distractions


Kicking off a brand-new mini-series, where we’ll deep dive on self-organisation and how to empower yourself to create more freedom in your business, especially if you’re feel so totally maxed out you just can’t focus on high level strategic leveraging stuff.

Over three episodes, we’re going deep into self-organisation: from self-management to self-care, I’m going to be sharing 21 ways you can organize your life, home office and routines. We’ll look at how to set things up so you can really power through everything you need to get done, and want to get done, without burning yourself out, so that it’s sustainable.

Today, in part 1, we focus on ways to de-stress your personal life so your business life isn’t cluttered with distractions. Who can relate to working from home and you suddenly remember the wet laundry is still in the washing machine? Have you ever ended your day only to realize you never pulled anything out of the freezer for dinner. What about when you’re so maxed out, you can’t focus properly?

Over three episodes, I’ll be sharing a set of practical tactics to develop your super powers for self-organisation working from home, so you have space and focus for strategic planning as well as building more leverage for future growth.

In this first episode, I guide you through steps for solving that typical dilemma of working ON the business while continuing to work IN the business, as well as everything else you have going on in your life.

self organisation working from home checklist for setting boundaries working from home