Ep80 Empowering Self-Organisation to Create Fun, Flow & Freedom in Your Business
Part 3 Setting Boundaries Working From Home


Listen to Part 1 Decluttering Distractions and Part 2 Reducing Stress or when you’re ready, dive right into part 3 here about Setting Boundaries… and below you can opt in to download the free checklist. 

For most small business owners, setting work from home boundaries feels like a challenge, right?! All those distractions, people interrupting you because ‘well, you’re there’. Yet you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are when you learn to set boundaries.

You already learned the essence of decluttering your distractions. We kicked off with this is part 1, because organising your environment and personal or household chores will grant you more time to focus on your business. But you also need a few rules to keep you and those around you understanding why just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re not working! So in part 2, so we looked at ways to reduce stress and conflict by having routines.

How did you get on planning that out? Do you have some definite things you can start with? If not, then that’s ok – listen to part 3, and then grab my free handy resource with all 21 ways covered across the mini-series. This handy resource gives you all 21 Ways to Organise Your Life, Home Office and Routines for more Fun, Flow & Freedom, useful to build up your self organisation super powers!

Just think how nice and energized you’ll feel walking into your organised office, ready to tackle the day! You might already have these ideas set up, but it’s worthwhile to take notes and implement or revise as needed.

Getting good at self-organisation is a real game changer for protecting your head space, improving your work flow and increasing productivity for your business. Now in part 3, we’re going to make sure your good intentions get implemented well, so our focus for today is on setting work from home boundaries. Boundaries are vital to ensure your homeworking is protected and your days flow smoothly.

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