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As I launch the new website here I reflect on the coming together of many years building consulting, coaching, training and marketing businesses. It’s a kind of short history of my big vision to achieve my ultimate leveraged business strategy, plot twists including professional identity crisis, worlds colliding, working to align, brand & scale my business. Where it started and where’s it’s going …

Back in 2010, was created as a personal hub for the business support and success coaching i was doing for my network marketing businesses. It was home to many years of blog posts, articles, videos and trainings on internet marketing, entrepreneurship and communication. At the same time, I was still busy running my consulting practice where I was undertaking projects based on my reputation in e-learning and evaluation. However, in a few short years, these worlds were frequently starting to collide as I was bringing my knowledge of business planning processes and strategic marketing into my work with corporate organisations and my understanding of education into developing new business strategies.

Move forward to 2015 and while still on track to achieve my ultimate leveraged business strategy, I realised I had an identity crisis! In fact, this had been haunting me for a while, but last year I decided to take action and create a cohesive professional brand for The common denominators with my consulting work are: business strategy, planning and evaluation. This newly revamped site is intended to showcase my personal expertise as a business strategist, marketing enthusiast and educational entrepreneur. Here I share strategic insights I’m learning about or testing out; it’s where I house my articles, educational programmes and book projects and where I hope to engage and interact with fellow entrepreneurs and enterprise builders.

As I set off to launch my very first pilot course under the auspices of the iSuccess Business Academy, my vision is that this site attracts and supports a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to learn and share as we each work on growing a thriving, digitally smart and value-driven business. iSuccess is a 7-step system that I’ve been using successfully for years in my business support work with solo professionals and SMEs. It’s a “cause & effect” diagnostic (stemming from the Six Sigma methodology but simpler) that identifies current barriers to growth in a business so the client can see where to prioritise developments to produce the greatest gains in cilent reach, acquisition, retention and revenue.

I’m super excited about this pilot course, which should be ready next month. It will focus on clarifying your professional brand identity, a real sticking point for many consultants and coaches who have transitioned from career to business owner and struggle to express their unique brand message in their marketing. The pilot is a precursor for the full iSuccess signature programme based on the teachings in my book The Educational Entrepreneur, which has been a very personal passion project of mine and many years in the making.

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I’m video-phobic, but you-hoo YouTube I hear you … working on it!


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