Personal awareness is a key area for anyone seeking to build a successful business and the best success coaching should support you to become the most powerful version of yourself – the best YOU so you can reach your true potential.

Personal awareness, personal development or personal growth aren’t always business activities that people seek out when they have a business problem. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. There are also distinct differences between how men and women embrace being open & vulnerable, and admitting they need help or a change of mindset. But so many people are trudging through life without passion or purpose, lost, confused, anxious, even scared; they hope things will get better but fear they won’t.

It’s incredibly sad and I hate that for them because I’ve been in that place. I’ve always been reluctant to ask for help even when I knew I desperately needed it! I believed I could work through the problem myself, but it’s HARD! I admire anyone who steps up and says ‘enough is enough spinning my wheels, I need help’ and looks for a way to take back control of their life and their business success.

It’s what makes the biggest difference between those that hit the big incomes and those that fail to turn a profit at all. Because all of the personal baggage, limiting beliefs and fear that we bury deep within – it weighs us down, unfocuses and demotivates us.

Those that really achieve success are the ones who get crystal clear on their true self, their values, purposes and passions. They use this personal awareness to drive themselves forward, to build a business with a fire inside of them and they inspire others to be the most powerful versions of themselves too.

A few years back, I was promoting an amazing life achievement course, called Elevate and running webinars for my team. I covered some of the core actions for a successful business based around the principle of “Be, Do, Have” – first, BE the person you want to be, DO the things that a successful person would do, then you will HAVE the success you want.

In business building terms, this equates to five steps you can take to become the most powerful version of yourself.

1# Building your value/unique brand with integrity & transparency

2# Organising your business processes for consistent action taking

3# Attracting the best clients through your confidence & self-belief

4# Sharing your journey for powerful content driven marketing

5# Finding your inner drive through continuous personal discovery.

The common theme here is PERSONAL AWARENESS with a healthy dose personal accountability thrown in. The more in tune you are with who you are, what you’re about, what you stand for, what fulfills you in life and in work … the more you can influence and attract like-minded people magnetically to you AND have the motivation and discipline to do the activity you need to reach your true potential as a successful entrepreneur.

Actor Will Smith said it well: “In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar. Y’all just didn’t know yet.” Will talks about possibilities and how at age 13, he made a choice against all odds and then followed through in dedication, persistence and commitment to make it happen.

Personal awareness and personal development are rarely taught in schools, yet it’s a life changing learning process you can teach yourself through simple, proven, daily disciplines known to influence greatly your inner voice. The process is fast-tracked and avoids wasted time and energy spinning your wheels when you combine that learning with coaching support.

Hope this helps. Leave me a comment below about what you need from personal awareness coaching and what’s holding you back from getting the help you need.

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