Resilience is a term that resonates in both personal and professional spheres, but it’s often misconstrued as a simple ability to “bounce back” from adversity. In truth, building entrepreneurial resilience goes far beyond this, encompassing a proactive stance towards challenges. It’s about thriving, not merely surviving.

Consider this: resilience is closely intertwined with personal values and purpose. It serves as a powerful motivator during challenging times, propelling individuals forward with a clear sense of mission. A growth mindset, as advocated by psychologist Carol Dweck, is foundational to resilience. It involves viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles.

In the world of high achievers, whether it’s your career or your business, where high performance is the norm, resilience becomes the secret ingredient that separates the successful from the rest. To delve deeper into this crucial aspect of entrepreneurship specifically, we’ve gathered a remarkable group of women entrepreneurs who have not only excelled in their businesses but have also displayed exceptional resilience in their journey. More about these remarkable individuals later …


Resilience in Practice


Resilience is not something to be activated only in times of crisis but should be cultivated as a daily practice. It involves self-care, continuous learning, and building robust support systems.

Self-care is more than just physical health; it encompasses emotional and mental well-being. Practices like mindfulness, reflection, and emotional regulation are essential tools in maintaining resilience.

Continuous learning is another key aspect of resilience. Staying curious, seeking feedback, and being willing to adapt one’s approach are crucial in an era where change is the only constant. This lifelong learning attitude is vital in staying agile and prepared for whatever life throws your way.

No one is an island, and building strong networks, both personal and professional, provides a safety net of support. These relationships offer diverse perspectives, advice, mentorship, and emotional support, all of which are invaluable in times of stress or uncertainty.


Entrepreneurial Resilience


Building entrepreneurial resilience takes the principles of resilience even further, given the constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity inherent in the business world today.

Firstly, it involves embracing uncertainty with a dynamic mindset. Successful entrepreneurs don’t just tolerate uncertainty – they embrace it. They view setbacks not as roadblocks but as stepping stones to innovation and growth. Resilience in entrepreneurship lies in navigating these unexpected twists and turns with agility and forward-thinking, finding opportunities.

Secondly, resilience in entrepreneurship is deeply tied to having a strong sense of purpose. Entrepreneurs with a clear mission and passion for their work are more likely to persevere through tough times. A strong sense of purpose serves as the motivation to keep going when challenges arise.

Entrepreneurs also view failure differently; they treat it as a learning opportunity. The entrepreneurial world is a laboratory where every failure provides valuable data. Resilient entrepreneurs analyse these experiences, extract lessons, and apply them to improve their strategies.

Emotional intelligence is crucial in building entrepreneurial resilience. The ability to manage one’s emotions, empathise with others, and maintain a calm attitude in crises is vital. Emotional intelligence helps entrepreneurs navigate stress, make better decisions, and maintain healthy relationships, all of which are essential for rising resilient when you hit a rock.

Building and leveraging networks is another facet of entrepreneurial resilience. These networks provide support, advice, resources, and sometimes, a much-needed sounding board. Building strong relationships with mentors, peers, and industry experts can offer critical support and insights, especially during challenging times when you’re trying to make difficult decisions.

Resilient entrepreneurs excel in making the most of limited resources, turning constraints into creative solutions. This resourcefulness is a key aspect of resilience, reflecting an entrepreneur’s ability to adapt and innovate in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Lastly, entrepreneurial resilience recognises the importance of self-care and mental health. The entrepreneurial journey can be a marathon, and maintaining physical and mental well-being is crucial for long-term success. This includes managing stress, ensuring work-life balance, and seeking support when needed.


Finding your resilience pillars


Resilience is a bit of a buzzword isn’t it. It’s often championed as the key to navigating the unpredictable tides of life and work. However, its practical application and the principles underlying it are frequently misunderstood or oversimplified.

So let’s recap on the essence of resilience and I have a little gift for you to help with the practices part if you’re keen to work on this – it’s a framework to build out your resilience pillars for yourself…

Firstly, resilience is not merely about ‘bouncing back’ from adversity. It’s a proactive stance towards challenges, not just a reactive one. This means cultivating an attitude that anticipates and adapts to change rather than merely surviving it. The heart of resilience lies in flexibility and adaptability.

Secondly, resilience is deeply intertwined with your personal values and purpose. Understanding what truly matters provides a compass during turbulent times. This intrinsic motivation acts as a powerful catalyst for resilience, driving you to persevere through difficulties with a clear sense of purpose and vision, for yourself and the people you serve.

Thirdly, resilience is bolstered by a growth mindset. Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles is a game changer. This mindset fosters learning, creativity, and innovation, crucial components for thriving in an ever-changing environment.

Circling back to practices, resilience is nurtured through a combination of self-care, continuous learning, and building robust support systems. Continuous learning keeps you agile and prepared for change. And finally, no one is an island. Building strong networks – both personal and professional – provides a safety net of support when the going gets tough.

Importantly, so worth emphasising, the success in rising resilient lies in its practice as a daily exercise, not just a response to crisis. It requires a conscious effort to maintain a positive outlook, to learn from experiences, and to build and rely on your support network.

It’s about thriving, not just surviving. By embracing these principles and practices, you’ll be able to navigate the complexities of the modern world with greater ease and success, and help your clients – whether individuals or organisations – to do the same.

So, you’re probably listening to the podcast or reading this article because you’re a business owner.

So, I want to expanding on the theme of resilience diving deeper now into its critical role in entrepreneurship – a domain where resilience goes beyond mere persistence; where it’s about thriving in the face of relentless change and challenges in the marketplace as well as our own lives.

If you ever have those days where you don’t feel like showing up as the leader, I’m sure you’re not alone. Those moments (which can last hours, days even weeks sometimes) when you think wouldn’t it be nice just to turn up and do a job without having to think too hard or be strategic and everything to everyone … you’ll know what I mean by the desire to feel like you’re thriving, that your work and life is joyful and effortless … but sometimes we hit that point where building entrepreneurial resilience feels more like you’re on a treadmill, surviving and everything feels like a struggle and a big effort …

Well, I have a little gift for you if you’re keen to work towards the feeling of thriving not just surviving – I’ve created something that’s fully resonant with this series – it’s my Rising Resilient Success Pillars. You can use this as a checklist for resilience work you already are doing, or to build additional pillars to enhance it so that rising resilience becomes faster, easier and more natural.

resilience pillars for success

Grab this Useful Framework to Help Build Your Resilience Pillars for Success


Later in the year, I’m going to be working with my guest contributors to the series to expand their insights into a book. I’m excited about that project, so if you opt-in for the building entrepreneurial resilience framework, you’ll get on the iSuccess mailing list and be the first to hear about this and even find out how to get a pre-release advance reader copy!

Hope this provides a helpful tool to think about building your own resilience pillars – and if you need some help developing success practices stay tuned to the end for a special invitation.

In summary, building entrepreneurial resilience is a multidimensional construct. It’s about adapting to change, staying committed to a vision, learning from failures, managing emotions, building networks, being resourceful, and prioritising well-being. Entrepreneurs who embody these traits not only survive the challenges of their ventures but thrive, paving the way for innovation and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


And now, I want to introduce you to my amazing entrepreneurs who will be guests on the show over the next few months …


Meet our Series Contributors


In this series, we have the privilege of hosting an extraordinary group of women entrepreneurs, 14 so far, and a few more in the works. And each a paragon of resilience in their own right.

As business owners and providers of inspiration, education and professional services such as consulting, coaching and training, these ladies have not only carved a niche for themselves in the competitive world of entrepreneurship but have also set new benchmarks on a personal level in what it means to be resilient.

These amazing individuals are my rockstars – they fall into 3 interwoven sets joined by their relentless pursuit of goals and ability to take consistent strategic action even in the face of obstacles or setbacks. And of course, it does help that they’re working with a coach. I can’t underestimate the fact that it’s really hard doing a lot of this on your own.

For some people this resilience is what’s got them to next level revenue goals (multiple 6 and 7 figures). For others, it’s got them to product-market fit, overcoming imposter syndrome, consistent marketing and sales, and belief they can build a solid business. The 3rd area they’ve pushed and excelled is introducing networking into their sales process, getting out of their invisibility comfort zone, and stepping up brand marketing and partnership building, to become powerhouses in product development and marketing.

Over the next few months, we will delve into their unique journeys, uncovering insights and lessons that are as diverse as their backgrounds.

Before sending the interviews into editing, I did a first parse and I’m feeling the emergence of three themes: mind (work/career), body (health/self-care), soul (mission, spirituality). However, it’s also obvious that everything is layers that are mutually reinforcing. So there is a flow across those areas, but also a fair bit of circling back and interweaving going on.

While each guest’s story and ‘take’ on resilience is different, there are common themes in how they talked about ways to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm, about the prominence of self-compassion and how to find inner strength as well as strength from others, and concerning the need for regular healthy self-care, recharging and resetting to ground and tether ourselves to our big why and what’s important to us.

So in terms of their key insights and personal traits, the provisional running order every fortnight looks a bit like this:

  • Carmen: Coping and Empowerment

  • Melanie: Courage and Self-Belief

  • Linda: Positive Psychology and Accountability

  • Margo Mansfield: Emotional Mastery and Healing from Trauma

  • Mia: Intuition, Gratitude and Adventure

  • Lily: Conscious Self-Management and Holding Space

  • Barbara: Stress Management and Differentiating Stress Types

  • Leah: Flexibility, Adaptability and Spirituality

  • Irma: Setbacks, Vulnerability and Support

  • Jo: Well-being and Recharging

  • Annika: Holistic Health and Self-Compassion

  • Andrea: Physical and Mental Resilience

  • Laura: Self-Awareness and Joy

  • Christina: Journeys and Soul Making

And as I said, there are a few more people in the process of confirming with, who will slot into place. I won’t share their names as I don’t want to jinx it! But they’re all awesome and I really hope they also come on board.

Taken together, this is a powerful set of insights and techniques that we hope business owners like you will be inspired by, and learn to do for themselves, and even help your own clients with these areas as relevant. The conversations emphasise a range of positive attributes and impact of women whose businesses I’m honoured to support through consulting and coaching.

Each individual contributes to an uplifting collective wisdom. And I have the utmost respect and admiration for their particular strengths, talents, and influence.

I believe each and every one of these women brings a unique story of resilience in entrepreneurship. Their experiences, ranging from tech and healthcare to fashion and wellness, not only demonstrate their individual tenacity and adaptability but also serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Stay tuned as we explore their journeys in more detail in the upcoming series.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of “Rising Resilient.”


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