Attending a private wealth group event, Wayne Allan Root gave us a life success coaching masterclass…

Wayne shared a long list of amazing insights into daily habits of high achievers.

Here’s FIVE that I’ve implemented and is making a huge difference in my life and business success.

#1 The early bird catches the worm

History has shown the most successful achievers in our world get up early and take a short walk. This charges up your body and mind with energy and focuses your entire day.

“Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”

Scientific research shows that early risers are more successful in all aspects of their life. Morning is the very best time to make decision when your goals are clear and you are most full of hope and optimism.

(You just have to turn on the news for five minutes to see how easy you can be brought down into thinking there’s no hope and the world is a miserable place. But it’s just the way the media play it – bad news sells!)

So why not try setting your alarm five minutes earlier each day, in small increments.

#2  Self-belief of your worth in life

As that chunk of ‘precious time’ builds up, go out for a walk round your block for 20-30 minutes and experience what a difference it will make to your day to your energy and your sub-conscious self-talk.

Start using that extra  time for exercise, meditation, prayer, affirmations, visualisation, yoga – something that really helps you confirm what you want in life with conviction and passion.

#3 You are what you eat.

Watch closely what you put into your body. If you’re energy is low, you’re finding it hard to sleep, your bones and muscles ache, it could be time to increase the QUALITY of your diet.

Health is 80% about nutrition. What color is your diet? Do you drink at least 1.5 litres water every day?

Eating a range of colourful fruits and vegetables is a great way to help you get the full micro nutritients your body needs to function optimally every day.

Water is one of the best natural remedies for a huge range of ailments. Most people walk around chronically dehydrated, so get with this one habit can change your health dramatically.

If you need to lose weight, shed some body fat, you should also find ways to decrease the QUANTITY of what you eat.

Calories that don’t get used, stay with you! Discipline is the root of all success.

Your waist size is the very best indicator of your health as well as your ideal weight. Did you know that belly fat comes in the main from the amount of processed sugar you eat – that’s sweets, jams, refined flour products like bread, cake, biscuits, and alcohol.

#4  Your goals are a contract with yourself.

It’s a well established fact that successful people have a clear set of goals. In life success coaching, we see the top 3% earners have these goals written down, and revisit them often, usually twice daily.

What are your key goals for today, this week, this month, this year, 2-3 years, 5-10 years?

Going over your prime goals first thing in the morning, last thing at night may seem a bit strange, difficult even, at first. But try it for 2 weeks and see how your day becomes fired up – focused, energised, action orientated.

You can find the best business in world, but YOU have to make it work. Having clear goals, makes it easier to hold yourself accountable – and harder not to!

Prioritise your activities, find ways to stretch yourself, cut out wasteful activity that serves no purpose but to take you away from your goals. Working at home saves commute time – use it usefully. Stop watching crap TV – one of the biggest time wasters of our time – creates stagnation & misery.

Be addicted to purposeful ACTION. If you’re sitting around doing nothing productive, chances of success are ZERO!

#5  Find ways to be busy every day connecting with people.

Get the edge over the next guy/gal – outwork, outhustle and outsmart is the only way to get ahead in a world dominated by depression. If one out of every 20 opportunities comes through, it’s obvious you need to have lots of balls in the air.

Remember the saying “The squeaky wheel always get the oil.” Millionaires, never ask permission, they just take action and apologise later. Whatever you do comes back to you. That’s the best way to take care of people – even if they’re idiots 🙂

Listen to someone’s story, hear their problems. Steer the conversation so that people ask you for what they want.

Finally, here’s your 3 hour life coaching success action plan:

  • 1 hour mental improvement

  • 1 hour physical improvement

  • 1 hour financial improvement

Fill those hours with 3-4 actions that advance your goals … new ideas, helping people, income producing activity.

4 actions a day – 6 days a week – 24 actions a week – 96 per month – that’s 1052 actions a year.

This holistic approach to business development is exactly why entrepreneurs like us succeed.

Elevate yourself to a whole new level and start your life success coaching journey and start living in true success coaching guide tips

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