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How do I Create a Brand, Get Clients, Earn My Worth, Work Productively, Deliver Differently, Grow to the Next Level?

From start up to scaling up, these are just some of the big questions we dive into on The Leveraged Business podcast – all about smart moves for mindset, marketing and money success in building your consulting, coaching or other expert services business.

If you’re a consultant, coach or other expert practitioner stuck in the highs and lows of client work, trading time for money and experiencing the revenue rollercoaster in your business, and you want insights and inspiration on how to earn more, work less and grow faster, then the Leveraged Business podcast is for you.

Every Friday, join me, Jay Allyson, author of Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age and founder of the iSuccess Business Academy, and some awesome guests, as we share insights on how to start, survive and thrive in the digital marketplace, creating leverage in your business so you can build, market, grow and scale without drama, stress or overwhelm to achieve true freedom and independent success working smarter not harder.

To continue the conversation and be part of the leveraged business online community, join us get more support with creating independent success in the digital age, check out Jay’s book and iSuccess Business Academy membership at

Podcast episodes + show notes


The Leveraged Business podcast is all about using the power of leverage in business success, creating digitally smart ways to grow and thrive. It’s for ambitious consultants, coaches and other expert practitioners who want to build a fulfilling and profitable service business. Being able to earn more, work less and grow faster whilst keeping your wellbeing and work-life balance in check is the holy grail, and in this podcast we explore the gamut of strategies that can help you achieve it.


Kicking off the Leveraged Business podcast looking at how to create freedom in your business, 3 myths and the one big secret on what you actually should be doing. Earning more while working less is the holy grail for business owners. Because with leverage what really matters to most is freedom, choice and fulfilment. In this first episode, I’m sharing what I’ve discovered to help you on the path to real work life balance.

002 The 5 Ps of Sustainable Business Success in Challenging Times

When the market gets tough and client work is drying up, do you push or pivot to achieve success in a consulting business? 2020 has certainly imposed business design challenges on all of us in many different ways. How are you managing? What is it exactly that separates the top 10% from the rest of the industry? In this episode, Jay shares her five key strategies (all begin with P!) for sustaining a profitable consulting or coaching business.

003 Leveraging Professional Relationships with Andy Lopata

Professional relationships underpin so much of our business and career success if we learn how to build, nurture or leverage them effectively. I’m joined this week by Andy Lopata who is one of Europe’s leading authorities on connected leadership and building relationships and networks that count. In this episode of The Leveraged Business, find out how to build a network, nurture contacts and leverage your connections.

004 Leveraging Your Time for Sustainable Business Growth

Growth is one of the most challenging aspects of building a service business. People get stuck at the start, in the middle and when they want to scale up. In this episode, you’ll learn how sustainable business growth is measured and how to leverage your time by balancing profits and productivity, streamlining processes and systems, creating digital education and taking action to plan.

005 How to Use 90 Day Business Planning to Grow Your Business in 2021

In this episode, we talk about why 90 day business planning is a productive and effective way to support your business growth. We’ll look at this in the context of changes in the market environment, and outline five points of leverage so you can identify the priority areas in your business development, get the support you need to kick-start some momentum and achieve significant results coming out of each 90 day project.

006 How to Achieve Next Level Business Growth

This week, it’s Q&A with Dr Jay. In these episodes, I’m basing the topic on questions I get from clients or when I do talks or presentations about next level business growth looking at common frustrations of running and growing a service based business and how to solve them.

007 Leveraging Your Inner Power for Happiness with Life Coach Tara Chatzakis

This week I’m joined by lovely life coach Tara Chatzakis and we’re diving into the world of happiness, and how to leverage your inner power to enhance your feeling of peace, fulfilment and happiness that fuels our sense of purpose and success in life and business.

008 Starting a Consulting or Coaching Business – A 14-Week Plan for Doing it Right

Starting a consulting business, you have a great shot at breaking into the market and getting clients if you are willing to put in the effort to lay strong foundations. How ready are you for high-end clients? How clear is your unique offer to the marketplace? What will you do to get the message out that you’re in business? How will things run? Here’s 14-weeks of achievable steps and how to implement them to leverage your your best laid plan.

009 How to Find Your Business Sweet Spot

If you’re looking to find your business sweet spot, then this episode should help you uncover it, hone it and position it to attract your perfect people and package a compelling offer. We go through three steps that can help you uncover your business sweet spot and true genius zone for leveraging all you have to offer to your perfect high end consulting clientele.

010 How to Get Consulting Clients the Leveraged Way

For many consultants, finding clients is a constant uphill struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. While you can’t just grab a “tactic” off the shelf and run with it, you can start by looking at your objective strategically, which helps you choose 2-3 tactical things that actually work.

011 Creating a Profitable Business in Tough Times by Leveraging & Repurposing Your Expertise

This coming episode, as it’s New Year’s Day, I’m doing something a little different – a webinar podcast! I’ll be taking listeners through a presentation (with a PDF of slides available) of my business journey through 2020 – the good, the bad and the darned right fabulous!

012 Leveraging Your Voice to Get Visible, Amplify Your Message and Build an Audience Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples

As a digital platform, podcasts are exploding right now. There are currently 1.5 million active shows across the world – triple what it was just two years ago. Mine is amongst them and it’s not by luck it’s fast moving into the top 10% globally thanks to my guest today, Anna Parker-Naples, author of best-seller books ‘Get Visible’ and ‘Podcast with Impact’, founder of The Podcast Membership training programme and host of top show ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’.

013 How to Build a Thriving Service Business using the iSuccess 7-Dimensions Model

If you want to build a thriving service business, there are 7 dimensions you can use to identify your best moves for growth, sustainability and success. In this episode, I share my iSuccess 7 dimensions model, which is the engine for our Leveraged Business Accelerator program. With hopes, dreams and trepidations going into 2021, I want to help ambitious entrepreneurs and professional service providers accelerate their success.

014 How to Identify and Boost Your Critical Levers for Business Success


Out on Friday 22nd January 2021

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