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Podcast episodes + show notes

2020 & 2021 EPISODES

new multiple revenue streams in a consulting business
055 Ten Offers You Can Build into Your Leveraged Business Model to Create Multiple Streams of Income

In this episode, I share ten ways consultants, coaches and practitioners can create multiple streams of income for a more flexible, secure and leveraged business model. I talk about new ways to meet your customers where they are, and earn money doing it.

navigating change in business to streamline business growth

054 Who Moved My Clients! Navigating Change in Business Success to Reimagine, Energise and Streamline Business Growth

Today we’re talking about change, drawing on a little book called Who Moved My Cheese. When you really start to notice that the cheese has moved, that is you can’t find clients in the same places or the same way you used to find them, what do you do about it?

Create Accelerated Business Plans
053 How to Leverage Your Unique Success Strategy and Create Accelerated Business Plans from Starting Up to Scaling Up Online

The pandemic has forced many businesses into accelerated business plans for digital transformation. If you’re changing your delivery to online, starting with a new offer or if you’ve a sellable offer but want to scale – you want to do it well, and you want to do it fast. But moving to online can feel like a whole new ball game. This episode is all about creating your unique success strategy from starting up to scaling up online.

podcast success metrics

052 Reflections on One Year of Podcasting

This episode is one that we have been waiting for, for literally a year because this is our one-year anniversary episode. Come join me as I talk about a year of podcasting from kick off to what next… and my big announcement.

Roadmap for a Healthy Business Part 1 Interview with Sarah Cooke - Finding a Business Model that Works for You

051 Roadmap to a Healthy Business: Shifting to a Leveraged Business Model that Works For You

Part 2 of our interview with The Healthy Business founder and coach Sarah Cooke continues with a focus on leveraged business strategies for achieving a sustainable business and successful equilibrium between time, money and lifestyle goals.

achieving a sustainable business healthy to wealthy roadmap

050 Roadmap for a Healthy Business. Interview with Sarah Cooke Part 1

Our guest for the next two episodes is the wonderful Sarah Cooke, CEO and founder of The Healthy Business and The Healthy Business podcast. In this episode, Sarah shares her story, career progression and plot twists and illustrates the need to bring together what drives us with what differentiates us.

iSuccess high end group program planner

049 Map Out Your High Ticket Group Coaching Program FAST! Part 2 – Creating a First Rate Customer Experience

Continuing along our 5-step process to map out your high ticket group program, in part 2 here, you’ll learn how to lean into the high-end elements to uplevel your program with a killer foundation. The exercises help you map out the pillars of your program, that will form a roadmap for your client’s transformation and deliver a first-rate experience.

high ticket group coaching program, high ticket group programs

048 Map Out Your High Ticket Group Coaching Program FAST! Part 1 – Planning Your Clients’ Transformational Journey

Are you ready to leverage what you do and scale up your business? Today, I’m kicking off a two-parter focused on creating and running a high-ticket group coaching program so you can quickly get yours off the ground fast. In part 1, we look at mapping out the transformational journey you will take your clients through – your expert system.

b2b prospecting strategy for selling high ticket offers and b2b sales presentations

047 A B2B Prospecting Strategy: Why the Money Isn’t in the List When Selling High Ticket Offers

A good B2B prospecting strategy is much more focused on outreach and personal relationship building. But you do still need a list of contacts to work from – a pipeline. So I’m opening up the discussion about the difference approaches to building a pipeline versus building a list.

get corporate client contracts

046 Intuitive Steps to Get Corporate Client Contracts – Q&A with Dr Jay

When you’re asking how can I get corporate client contracts, there are really five questions you need to be asking and whether you need to ask all of them depends on where you’re stuck. So if you’re B2B and stuck on how to get corporate clients, in this episode you’ll find out how to start solving for where you’re hitting resistance.

leveraged business podcast listener bonus
045 How to Support the Leveraged Business Podcast and Get a Free Listener Bonus

As we approach the end of our first year, I’d like to take a few minutes this week to talk about ways you as a listener, and hopefully a subscriber, can help the show succeed going forward. I’ll be sharing some of our 5-star reviews and giving a special bonus gift to our top fans.

using linkedin for lead generation

044 Biggest Mistakes People Make Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation and What to Do Instead – Interview with Sophie Lechner

In this episode, I’m joined by the delightful Sophie Lechner, founder of the Global Growth Experience, and we’re talking about some juicy leveraging tactics for using LinkedIn to build relationships and find clients. We focus on how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make using LinkedIn for lead generation and what to do instead to ensure you stay aligned with your values and personality to attract your perfect people to you.

Creating a Business Dashboard for Customer Journey Data Analytics
043 How to Create a Business Dashboard for Customer Journey Data Analytics

Do you have a clear view of your end-to-end customer journey data analytics – a business dashboard? Do you understand how your clients go from first hearing about you to becoming loyal customers? Good, actionable data insights across each step in the journey can help you attract more ideal clients, create better relationships and improve sales ROI.

choosing client acquisition systems

042 Building a Turnkey Client Acquisition Process That Works for Your Business

Today I’m diving deeper into the three business systems we outlined last week to give you a range of examples in each one that will help you build a turnkey client acquisition process that really fits your specific business. If you’re not earning that six-figure salary you deserve, chances are one or more of these systems are lacking, which compromises your entire business process for client acquisition.

turnkey client acquisition process

041 The Only 3 Systems You Need to Create a Six Figure Revenue in Your Business – Q&A with Dr Jay

One of the most important things for professional service providers new in business to figure out once is how to earn back your previous salary. Based on questions from clients who are overwhelmed, confused and downright frustrated by all the options, I’m sharing the only three systems you really need to achieve that six figure revenue milestone.

womens empowerment principles for entrepreneurship jay allyson interview with monique y wells
040 Empowerment Principles for Entrepreneurship – Leveraging Our Unique Gifts to Make a Difference in the World – Interview with Monique Y. Wells

Interview with Monique Y. Wells on empowerment principles for entrepreneurship and as related to your energy, partnerships and success. Explore some of the ideas around leadership, legacy and leading by example. We cover cracking the code for life balance, empowerment rights before and after covid, talking success with Jack Canfield, five steps high achievers use, and the power of strategic partnership in business growth.

irresistible packaged offers that attract more clients

039 Leveraging Your Value Proposition to Attract More Clients – Part 2 Packaging Irresistible Offers for a Global Audience

Have you ever put an offer together, promoted it, and got on take up whatsoever? This week, we’re on part 2 of our episodes on leveraging your value proposition, and we dive into how to package irresistible offers your perfect people will jump all over.

visible value proposition reinventing professional identity
038 Leveraging Your Value Proposition to Attract More Clients – Part 1 Creating Visible Value in the Marketplace

A great value proposition may highlight what makes you different from competitors, but it should always focus on how your ideal customers define your value. Sadly, many businesses do not have unique, visible or properly leveraged value proposition. First episode in a two-part series will help you understand how to clarify, package and leverage your value proposition.

unblock your business bottlenecks

037 How to Break Through Your Business Bottlenecks

If you’re looking for a breakthrough so you can stop hitting your head against a brick wall, this episode is an opportunity. One of the biggest challenges business owners face with getting to the root cause of where your business is stuck, is that you can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle. We’ll be looking at the core functions of your business growth, and talk through typical business bottlenecks and how to unblock them.

unblock your business bottlenecks
036 How to Build Successful Online Communities and Profitable Online Challenges to Accelerate Business Growth – Interview with Tonya Kubo

Today, I’m joined by Launch Strategist and Community Champion, Tonya Kubo. And we’re taking the lid off online challenges as a strategy to build an audience, and tackling the broader questions of building successful online communities through social media to accelerate business growth. From how to connect authentically with people online to understanding the key leverage points.

Leverage Podcast Production and Podcast Production Workflow
035 The Power of Podcasting to Build an Engaged Audience – Part 3 – Leveraged Podcast Production Workflow, Promotion and Outsourcing

In this final, third part of our series on podcasting to build an audience, we’re getting to the heart of the leveraged strategy for podcast production planning. There are three aspects to how you can leverage a successfully launched podcast show: growth, efficiency and monetisation. We’ll go through each one.

podcast launch plan - how to launch a successful podcast
034 The Power of Podcasting to Build an Engaged Audience – Part 2 – How to Launch a Successful Podcast

In this episode, we’re continuing the journey of this 3-part series to discovering the power of podcasting to build an engaged audience. This week, I’m going to be sharing a podcast launch plan that worked really well for me as well as answering a lot of the nitty gritty questions you want answers to about planning, preparation, production and promotion. And because I’d done all the right strategic work, I had the confidence to move forward.

start a podcast to build an engaged audience
033 The Power of Podcasting to Build an Engaged Audience – Part 1 – Why Start a Podcast and What’s Involved

Are you ready to talk podcasts? Whether you want to host a podcast or want to know more about the behind-the-scenes world of podcasts, this three-episode series will reveal the why, what and how of podcasting to build an engaged audience. In part 1, we look at the overall growth trend of podcasts and how you can reach your audience through guesting or your own show.

create a stand out brand with danny matthews
032 How to Create a Stand Out Brand and Leverage It to Attract Targeted Clients – interview with Danny Matthews

In the crowded marketplace of today’s digital age, it’s important for businesses to create a stand out brand so they get noticed for the specific thing they do and resonate with a specific target audience. I’m excited to have a brilliant guest on the show today, Danny Matthews, CEO of Danny&Co, an award-winning brand consultancy and design studio, and we’ll be talking through the nuances of how to create and leverage a stand out brand.

effective sales process to sell your online group program
031 How to Craft an Offer and Sell It Fast – Part 2: Building an Effective Sales Process to Sell Your Online Program

This episode is part 2 of How to Craft an Offer and Sell It Fast, where we look at ways you can build an effective sales process to sell your online program – a pathway that gets people excited and engaged about your offer, creates trust and moves them to enrol on your program.

creating profitable online group programs
030 How to Craft an Offer and Sell It Fast – Part 1: Creating an Online Group Program

If you’re ever wondered about creating an online group program that runs alongside your consulting or coaching practice, this episode will help. When you only have a high-end consulting offer, you’re limited to how many clients you can serve. But your expertise can be delivered in much more flexible and interactive ways, and because you can design it to cater for increasingly high numbers, there’s no cap on income.

leveraging group programs to attract more clients into your business
029 Leveraging Group Programs to Attract More Clients – Q&A with Dr Jay

The big question that comes up for many consultants, coaches and other expert service providers looking to attract more clients into their business is this: is creating a group program worth it? So in this episode, I’m going to answer those questions about strategy and why it might be worth it for you.

leveraged content strategies with laura mcdouall
028 Leveraged Content Planning Strategies and Copywriting that Connects, Cultivates and Converts Your Audience into Customers and Clients with Laura McDouall

Do you struggle with creating content and writing great copy? Do you want content planning strategies and copy writing tips that help you communicate with your target audience in a way that connects and converts? Whether you’re B2C or B2B, you will get a tonne of very practical biz building tips from my lovely guest Laura McDouall, plus an amazing content planner tool you can download and use right away.

client acquisition process mapping to improve workflow efficiencies
027 How Client Acquisition Process Mapping Improves Workflow Efficiencies & Creates Leverage

In this episode, we’ll look at three key parts to client acquisition process mapping as well as compare a few of the workflow creation software and workflow automation tools you can use to achieve even more streamlining and efficiencies.

How to Transition Client Work to a Group Program
026 Scalable Client Business Models for Transitioning 1:1 Consulting to a 1:Many Group Program – Q&A with Dr Jay

Scalable client business models are the holy grail of busy consultants and coaches who hit a capacity ceiling. With all the digital opportunities available today, many expert service providers turn towards more leveraged ways to attract and work with clients. In this episode, we’ll look at examples of how to transition 1:1 client work to a 1:many group program(me) to create fast growth and scalability for the business.

avoid entrepreneurial burnout and achieve work life balance
025 How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout – Revisiting the Leveraged Business Objectives

Serving your purpose and generating great profits without stress, overwhelm and drama is the epitome of what I call a leveraged business. But being booked up and earning multiple six figures may look great from the outside, but if you’re burnt out on the inside, I wouldn’t class that as success. In this episode, we’re taking stock of what leverage is all for, what are we solving for.

hire the right virtual assistant and outsourcing strategies podcast interview with selina johnson selina&co
024 How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Use Outsourcing Strategies for Leveraged Business Growth with Selina Johnson

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is probably one of the best investments you can make in your business and a starting point for your business growth. As a solo practitioner, outsourcing and building a team is a big part of the leveraged business solution, so I’m thrilled to be joined by my guest Selina Johnson, aka the Freedom Fixer, to share insights into how to plan for and use VAs effectively.

effective sales calls consultative sales to enrol clients
023 How to Use Consultative Sales to Enrol Clients with Ease and Grace

In business today, the problem is not actually how to market what you have to sell, it’s converting these audiences into great clients. We hate selling, pitching and prospecting, so here’s how to take a consultative approach in your enrolment conversations that lead elegantly to sales.

visible value proposition reinventing professional identity
022 How Your Professional Identity Can Make or Break Marketing a High-End Offer

Our professional identity in the world of employment is about our qualifications, choice of career and role in an organisation. In the business world, as a consultant, coach or other service provider, marketing a high end offer is closely linked to how you position yourself and attract clients to you. Why do so many of us find it SO hard to pin down this core piece of the marketing puzzle?!! That’s what we’re tackling in this week’s episode.

Busting Myths about Successful Program Launches
021 Busting Myths about Successful Product Launch Formulas

What does it really take to have successful product launches – that’s the question for this episode where I’m covering the ups, downs and alternatives. If you hang around FB, you can’t miss seeing challenges, bootcamps and big product launches and from the outside it looks fun and dynamic. I just wrapped up a soft launch for our Leveraged Business Accelerator programme and it was tough!!! So I’m busting the myths on launches. Come get the inside story…

how to claim r&d tax relief
020 Leverage Your Innovation by Claiming R&D Tax Credits with Gaynor Gosling

R&D tax credits is a government scheme aimed to support business innovation. It’s a way to get money back into your business and leverage work you’re already doing. This week I interview Gaynor Gosling about what’s involved in claiming R&D tax relief for research and development: what kind of innovation is eligible, what’s involved in claiming and how it can release cash back into your business.

dealing with change in business
019 How to Leverage the Success Mindset: Part 11 – The 5Rs for Developing Business Resilience

In this second part, I’ll be sharing five Rs – which are all about dealing with change in business as circumstances impact our growth trajectory and how to build your business resilience.

business success mindset
018 How to Leverage the Success Mindset: Part 1 – The 3Ps for Living in the Success Zone

In the next two episodes, I’m going to be looking at the success mindset and how we can build empowering mindset habits to achieve a greater sense of freedom and work-life balance. This episode – part 1 – we look at three Ps for getting and staying in the success zone – Philosophy, Personality and Persistence and some golden rules you can apply right away in your day-to-day.

5 ingredients and a recipe for high converting sales pages
017 How to Create a High Converting Sales Page – 5 Ingredients and A Recipe

High converting sales pages connect with the target audience, clearly say what’s on offer and move your ideal buyer towards action and purchase. In this episode, I’m sharing 5 ingredients you should always include in your sales page outline alongside a three-step recipe for a sales page design that puts them together in the right order and the right amounts to support the buying process.

Leveraged Business podcast interview with Rebecca Tracey
016 How to Build a Leveraged Business that Supports the Uncaged Life with Rebecca Tracey

My guest today is Rebecca Tracey of the Uncaged Life. And we’re talking deep and meaningful about how you can create compelling offers that leverage your time and uncage your business, so you’re free to live your life on your own terms – the ultimate in self-care. We blast all that “stuff” you can get bogged down on totally out of the water. Because when you hit your audience’s problem language, it’s so much easier to get your messaging and offers nailed.

iSuccess improving business performance
015 The 14 Critical Elements that Improve Small Business Performance – Q&A with Dr Jay

In this episode, we’re diving deeper into the iSuccess framework I use in business reviews I’ve done with clients in various industries and how we use it to fix the bottlenecks that improve small business performance. Questions I’m tackling including what criteria to use to evaluate your business.

critical levers to improve business performance
014 Finding Your Critical Levers to Accelerate Business Success

If you’ve started the new year still scratching your head how to improve business performance and accelerate business success, in this episode you’ll learn what to push and what to let go of. The aim is to give you a way to evaluate the weakest links and plan strategically, knowing where to make improvements tactically.

Leveraged Business Acceleration for Success in a Service Business
013 How to Build a Thriving Service Business using the iSuccess 7-Dimensions Model

If you want to build a thriving service business, there are 7 dimensions you can use to identify your best moves for growth, sustainability and success. In this episode, I share my iSuccess 7 dimensions model, which is the engine for our Leveraged Business Accelerator program. With hopes, dreams and trepidations going into 2021, I want to help ambitious entrepreneurs and professional service providers accelerate their success.

leveraging your voice to get visible and build an audience podcasting with anna parker-naples interview video photos
012 Leveraging Your Voice to Get Visible and Build an Audience Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples

As a digital platform, podcasts are exploding right now. There are currently 1.5 million active shows across the world – triple what it was just two years ago. Mine is amongst them and it’s not by luck it’s fast moving into the top 10% globally thanks to my guest today, Anna Parker-Naples, author of best-seller books ‘Get Visible’ and ‘Podcast with Impact’, founder of The Podcast Membership training programme and host of top show ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’.

2020 webinar on how consultants thrive in tough times - Creating a Profitable Business in Tough Times by Leveraging and Repurposing Your Expertise -
011 Creating a Profitable Business in Tough Times by Leveraging & Repurposing Your Expertise

As it’s New Year’s Day, I’m doing something a little different – a webinar podcast! I’ll be taking listeners through a presentation (with a PDF of slides available) of my business journey through 2020 – the good, the bad and the darned right fabulous!

get consulting clients the leveraged way with jay allyson
010 How to Get Consulting Clients the Leveraged Way – Q&A with Dr Jay

For many consultants, finding clients is a constant uphill struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. While you can’t just grab a “tactic” off the shelf and run with it, you can start by looking at your objective strategically, which helps you choose 2-3 tactical things that actually work.

how to find your business sweet spot
009 How to Find Your Business Sweet Spot

If you’re looking to find your business sweet spot, then this episode should help you uncover it, hone it and position it to attract your perfect people and package a compelling offer. We go through three steps that can help you uncover your business sweet spot and true genius zone for leveraging all you have to offer to your perfect high end consulting clientele.

starting a consulting business
008 Starting a Consulting or Coaching Business – A 14-Week Plan for Doing it Right

Starting a consulting business, you have a great shot at breaking into the market and getting clients if you are willing to put in the effort to lay strong foundations. How ready are you for high-end clients? How clear is your unique offer to the marketplace? What will you do to get the message out that you’re in business? How will things run? Here’s 14-weeks of achievable steps and how to implement them to leverage your your best laid plan.

leveraging your inner power for happiness
007 Leveraging Your Inner Power for Happiness with Life Coach Tara Chatzakis

This week I’m joined by lovely life coach Tara Chatzakis and we’re diving into the world of happiness, and how to leverage your inner power to enhance your feeling of peace, fulfilment and happiness that fuels our sense of purpose and success in life and business.

next level business growth
006 How to Achieve Next Level Business Growth – Q&A with Dr Jay

This week, it’s Q&A with Dr Jay. In these episodes, I’m basing the topic on questions I get from clients or when I do talks or presentations about next level business growth looking at common frustrations of running and growing a service based business and how to solve them.

90 day business planning
005 How to Use 90 Day Business Planning to Grow Your Business in 2021

In this episode, we talk about why 90 day business planning is a productive and effective way to support your business growth. We’ll look at this in the context of changes in the market environment, and outline five points of leverage so you can identify the priority areas in your business development, get the support you need to kick-start some momentum and achieve significant results coming out of each 90 day project.

Sustainable Business Growth
004 Leveraging Your Time for Sustainable Business Growth

Growth is one of the most challenging aspects of building a service business. People get stuck at the start, in the middle and when they want to scale up. In this episode, you’ll learn how sustainable business growth is measured and how to leverage your time by balancing profits and productivity, streamlining processes and systems, creating digital education and taking action to plan.

leveraging professional relationships interview with andy lopata
003 Leveraging Professional Relationships with Andy Lopata

Professional relationships underpin so much of our business and career success if we learn how to build, nurture or leverage them effectively. I’m joined this week by Andy Lopata who is one of Europe’s leading authorities on connected leadership and building relationships and networks that count. In this episode of The Leveraged Business, find out how to build a network, nurture contacts and leverage your connections.

sustainable business success in a consulting business 2020 strategy plan
002 The 5 Ps of Sustainable Business Success in Challenging Times

When the market gets tough and client work is drying up, do you push or pivot to achieve success in a consulting business? 2020 has certainly imposed business design challenges on all of us in many different ways. How are you managing? What is it exactly that separates the top 10% from the rest of the industry? In this episode, Jay shares her five key strategies (all begin with P!) for sustaining a profitable consulting or coaching business.

creating freedom in business

Kicking off the Leveraged Business podcast looking at how to create freedom in your business, 3 myths and the one big secret on what you actually should be doing. Earning more while working less is the holy grail for business owners. Because with leverage what really matters to most is freedom, choice and fulfilment. In this first episode, I’m sharing what I’ve discovered to help you on the path to real work life balance.


The Leveraged Business podcast is all about using the power of leverage in business success, creating digitally smart ways to grow and thrive. It’s for ambitious consultants, coaches and other expert practitioners who want to build a fulfilling and profitable service business. Being able to earn more, work less and grow faster whilst keeping your wellbeing and work-life balance in check is the holy grail, and in this podcast we explore the gamut of strategies that can help you achieve it.

the leveraged business podcast for consultants, coaches and other professional services businesses reviews

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